Frequently Asked Questions


Your Portrait is a reflection of you. Lets do it right way. 

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What to do before the shoot? 

We aren't all actors so it is important to get practice your "look" the night before the shoot. Put on your favorite outfit and get in front of the mirror. Try a few different smiles or serious faces until it feels a bit natural. It helps more than you know. 

Where is the studio?

Our studio is on the basement floor of 2815 Baker ave Everett in studio #204. Please park in the gravel lot across the street and give us a call when you arrive. 425-737-6607

What is the process for getting a headshot? 

After our photo shoot we sit down go through the roughly 50-100 images and pull your best shots. We will then retouch the images, taking out skin imperfections, stray hairs, and make you look your best. We will then have finished images back to you in approx. 5 business days. 

Your gallery will include all the retouched images. 



Payment is required to lock down your appointment. We accept Paypal and credit cards.

Invoice and payment link will be sent via email.

What should I wear? 

It is best to wear colors that compliment you eyes, or neutral colors, blues, grays, black, white, or soft desaturated colors.

Avoid stripes and busy patterns but don't forget to add in your personality!  

Rain Out? 

If we had a outdoor session scheduled and the weather isn't cooperating we can either head into the studio or reschedule for another day. Your choice :) But please allow at least an hour for set up. 

How often should I get new headshots? 

Depending on your profession it might be important to get a new headshot every 2-3 years. We tend change our look more often than you might think.